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Please express to all the workers that we appreciate the expert work they did in the removal of my dad's huge oak tree in which an enormous limb broke off and landed in our yard next to our house. What an amazing team! We certainly appreciate and applaud the wonderful environmental approach to recycling every part of the tree so that the landfill is not a recipient of such beautiful, natural resources.

We look forward to having the crew back this winter to shape and trim up other oaks in our yard to make them nicer looking and keep them healthy. Thank you so much for your help and prompt attention to our unexpected crisis the other morning.


Called for Tornado Clean-up. Had several large Oak & Hickory Trees uprooted during an F2 tornado 2 weeks ago. I called them within an hour after the storm, They were very fast to respond (less then 2 hrs) to assess the damage and began work the next day. I was given an estimate, and all the work and the reason why it needed to be done was explained. They were very professional. It was amazing to watch as they lifted large tree branches over my house with a crane. I would highly recommend O.A.K. Services to anyone needing storm clean up or any type of tree removal service.

Mary O., Aiken, SC

We used O.A.K. Services to prune 25 trees and remove 4 trees which were damaged as a result of winter storm Pax. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and very easy to work with. Their main goal was to protect the health of the trees and surrounding shrubs and lawn. They came up with an absolutely ingenious way to remove a tree in order not to harm the underlying azaleas. It amazed me that you couldn’t even tell that a tree was removed in that area! They were here for 3 days and each day they left my yard even neater than when they arrived. It is rare these days to find a company that takes such care and pride in what they do. Caela walked the property with me and gave me an estimate that was firm and if any change was made, we discussed it first. I can without reservation highly recommend this company. Kudos to O.A.K. Services for a job well done!

Gaul, Aiken, SC

Extremely satisfied. The certified arborists who own the company are very knowledgeable about tree care and made recommendations for long-term health of my trees. The estimate for storm damage repair was in line with another estimate I received, but unlike the other company from which I got an estimate, O.A.K. uses a climber rather than bringing a huge truck onto the lawn so that there was no damage to the curbing, lawn, shrubbery, or other trees. The workers were professional, polite, and extremely neat. Even though they were coming back the next day to finish, they left no evidence that work was in progress. When the entire job was done, the yard was much neater than before they started. The owners were on site and inspected the job prior to the crew’s departure. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

Rachel D., Aiken, SC

A 30′ high stump right at the edge of my tiny property was going to become a huge problem and liability as it aged. I couldn’t find anyone willing to take it down for me. No vehicular access to the tree, due to the terracing of the back yard and small side driveway, plus the closeness to the stump of other trees and plantings only complicated the matter. Then I met Caela and Charles of O.A.K. Services. They assessed the stump, studied the property and came up with a solution which involved digging up a few shrubs, tying back the nearby trees, taking down a fence and then dropping the stump, cutting it up and hauling away the pieces, uphill, manually. Not only did the stump come down perfectly, with literally inches to spare on either side, but at the end of the day the property was so neat (fence up, shavings raked, holes refilled, shrubs replanted) that no one could have guessed that the crew had been there. Amazing! It was a delight to deal with O.A.K. Services all through the process, and the price they charged was more than fair. I cannot recommend this company enough.

Austin B., Aiken, SC

Dear Caela and Charlie, O.A.K. was amazing to work with and we are so impressed with your expertise and the great care you took to preserve our landscape. Your staff did an excellent job for us. We will be calling you again for any tree work we need to have done. Comprehensive and restorative!

Sandy & Bill T., Aiken, SC

After Winter Storm Pax, we were in need of assistance due to extensive tree damage. O.A.K. Services, owned and operated by Charles Rice and Caela Paioff, provided the most professional, knowledgable, efficient, and effective care for us. O.A.K. Services answered all of our questions and kept us fully informed every step of the way. They take pride in their work. Thanks to Charlie, Caela, and all of their staff for doing such a wonderful job for us.

Tim & Monte S., Aiken, SC

I wanted to let you know how pleased my husband and I were with your work. What a fantastic job!! Your crew really impressed us with their skills and professionalism. Your knowledge about horticulture really interested and impressed us. The job was done expertly and the cleanup was outstanding!! It was a real pleasure to meet you. We will definitely be seeing you again in the Spring. I will be recommending O.A.K. Services to all my friends and neighbors!

Gerrianne K., Millington, NJ

O.A.K. Services was hired to remove a very dangerous oak tree on my property after Hurricane Isaac. Two big branches had fallen during the storm, but the remainder of the tree, approximately 50′ high and more than 50″ wide, was in bad shape and rotten. The workers were extremely knowledgable and courteous. The job was completed in a timely manner and the cleanup was wonderful. I highly recommend them.

Janeen, Metairie, LA

I just wanted to thank your team for the great job they are doing helping remove storm debris following Hurricane Isaac. Your crew picked up branches in my neighborhood in Metairie (Jefferson Parish) Louisiana on Sunday. It was amazing to watch the efficiency of the Bobcat workers working in tandem with the truck & claw workers clearing everything from large tree trunks to piles of leaves.

D. Stone, Metairie, LA

Thank you for removing that large oak tree from the roof and side of my house. I really appreciate your professional service. Thank you as well for grinding the remaining stump.

Winston G., Washington D.C.

More professional that I imagined, so much more than tree removal; they understand the care and nurture of trees. I do recommend them without any reservation.

Reilly H.

We had a large oak tree that overhung our house that was showing signs of deterioration. The crew at OAK Services were very professional and competent in the competition of their work. They were also pleasant to work with. They treated our property with care and respect. They brought in up to date equipment which was able to handle the job carefully and safely. Before they left our they did a thorough job of cleaning up. In the original assessment, Charlie Rice laid out frankly what our options and risks were. They earn our highest recommendation.

Steve W., Aiken, SC


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They are truly an exceptional team and we are very fortunate to have O.A.K. Services in our business community.— Deborah N.