Choosing a contractor is always an important decision. Be it construction, plumbing, masonry, or landscaping, hiring the right individual for the job has lasting impacts. In the world of tree care, this decision is equally important. Consider this: trees add significant value to your home; they can beautify or detract from other outdoor projects such as decking, drives and walks, aesthetic enclosures, and pools. But unlike the other hardscapes on your property, trees are living beings. The actions we take today cannot be undone, so it is all the more important to hire the correct professional.

An unskilled “tree cutter” can do more damage than good. Improper pruning cuts may lead to disease, the formation of cavities, tree decline, and even long term tree death. This is a costly mistake! Hiring a Certified Arborist will ensure that your trees are cared for with biology in mind. The scientific approach to tree care improves aesthetics while bolstering the health of the tree.

Tree work can be quite dangerous. When combining heavy equipment, sharp objects, and possibly close proximity to your home, hiring the right professional becomes necessity! Often, unskilled “tree cutters” do not carry the proper insurances to cover you or your property in case of accident. If an uninsured individual were to injure him/herself, the homeowner could be sued and held liable. Certified Arborists sign a code of ethics they agree to maintain. This certainly includes carrying the proper insurances and following necessary practices to protect the safety of their employees and customers.

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the certifying agency for all Certified Arborists, has created a brochure to help homeowners select the right tree care professional for the job. Tips include checking for insurance and following up with a call to the insurance agent, seeking more than one estimate and not always accepting the lowest bid, requesting a contract that specifies work to be done in writing, and of course, hiring a certified individual. To read more, view ISA’s pamphlet titled ‘Why Hire an Arborist’ at this site:

When choosing the proper tree care company to complete your work, please consider a consultation with the team of Certified Arborists at O.A.K. Services. With combined experience of over 30 years, our tree care specialists provide both a scientific viewpoint and practical know-how.

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